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Dental bone grafts are surgical procedures performed by our Victoria dentist, Dr. Bjornson, using a small piece of bone to help reinforce the strength of a patient's jawbone.

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Bone Graft in Victoria

What is a Bone Graft?

Dental bone grafting is a procedure that our Victoria dentists can perform in order to strengthen the jaw bones of patients who have experienced bone loss or degradation in the jaw area.

This procedure involves placing a small amount of bone at one or more points in your jaw where bone loss has begun to occur. The newly introduced bone serves as a supporting structure for your body to begin to regrow and strengthen its own structures. This piece of bone tissue may have been taken from your own body or from a donor. 

Bone grafts are commonly used prior to the placement of dental implants. Having a bone graft can help to strengthen the oral structures so that they are strong enough to support dental restorations. 

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Bone Graft Treatment

Any health condition or environmental factor that causes a patient to lose bone mass or experience some degradation of their jawbone is sufficient to warrant a bone graft. 

These health conditions can include periodontal disease, a missing tooth and more. 

There are a number of treatments, surgeries and dental restorations that may require the extra stability provided by a successful bone graft. These include:

Bone Graft in Victoria

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